youth is wasted on the young.

Politics is boring.
Why bother with the blunders of old men and women?
Why speak out for the weak and oppressed?
Aren’t they so far away from us? From us and our bubble of life?

We should continue being happy and ignorant, dwelling in an undisturbed slumber with no images of biological or nuclear warfare to haunt us. We do not wish to see images of people our age, dead and bloodied and broken, their parents like ours, bawling like babies in a state of miserable regression wondering in desperation why their precious children, whom they raised and fed and clothed and loved, were taken away. We do not wish to imagine the horrors of nuclear war; we heed the words of monsters instead and undertake the possession of such vile weapons as something to marvel at, take pride in. We do not want to realise that when cancer blooms in our bodies and dismembers the beauty of foetus within a womb, there will be no pride, there will be no marvel. We do not want to have thoughts of little children, struggling to figure out so intensely, why the river they have loved is receding, why the fields they have run in are burnt and barren, why their fathers have hung themselves and why their mothers are blank with trauma.

No, no no, we tell ourselves, this goes on, this is Life. Turn the music up.
We will eyeball vodka and give in so easily, so shamelessly to our primitive needs.
“A million years of evolution and what are we? Animals.”

We look down upon those who understand, set them apart and mock them occasionally. We tell them to take it easy, to suppress their opinions, to ‘chill’ and live normally. How can we possibly undertake and accept the violation of very nearly everything into our definition of normal? How can we be so inconsiderate as to do something like that? To not, even briefly, realise the gravity that a life holds to its loser? Will we have to witness brutality firsthandedly to find it in ourselves to care? To decide to find all those children with guns and hold them close and cry with them? To realise that there is a love so eminent for humanity that people have taken bullets for it. Will we ever allow that love to surface so as to merely abandon our cubicles and briefcases and unmask the facades of the CEOs that run our companies, that seemingly run our lives?

Please. Please. Teach yourself the rights and wrongs of this world. Know the perpetrators at least, if you cannot overthrow them. Do not die a consumer. Do not standby.

“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes” and realise that every person, animal, country and thing we have ever loved, that has loved us back, makes our struggle worth it.

This is not merely to do justice to the people who have given up their lives, their integrity.
This is to do justice to yourself.

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2 thoughts on “youth is wasted on the young.

  1. Love this!! Well said. =D

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