there is something very personal about film photography, and very commanding about the results. the tones, the color and the gloss of the paper, just highlights the effort you have made, congratulates you on choosing the correct settings. for someone starting out, it feels like youre taking a notable risk. you dont have the power to see what youve captured immediately, you dont have the power to erase it and start again. and when you create something, in such a relatively limited system, you develop an attachment to your work, a greater fondness for the subjects. i havent been able to take any new film photos after these, but when i get my money, a roll of black and white is going to be bought.

okay at this point i thought i’d post all 33 photos, but my internet is being terribly slow and i dont have as much patience today, so i’ll post the rest in another post. i developed 5 rolls, which is definitely more than 33 exposures, but these 33 are my favourite. the first photo really does feature a burning photo. i got a smudge of paint on it, and tried to wipe it off, but that completely spoilt the finish and took away some color and made it all sticky, so i just burnt it, to see it burn like in the movies, where the surface gets all bubbly, which happened, but not with as much intensity. till the next post then; au revoir.

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7 thoughts on “film

  1. Joshua on said:

    Absolutely love the guy sitting in the corridor (017). Bravo!

  2. amazing stuff, truly amazing (:

  3. Hey, if you’re in bombay, why don’t you come attend some workshops with us, on film photography?

  4. All of these are amazing, I just found your blog but I already love it.

    I’ve just started to shoot with film again myself, I made a post recently on my blog about it.

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