almost haikus

torrential morning rain. amazonian vegatation thriving in the parking lot. very green.

photography enthusiast. my neighbour. stalking is cool when you do it this way.

evening solace. cup of tea. leather bound books and soft edged paper. let’s read.

clarity to hurt our eyes. glazed over no more. this morning, the monsoon makes me live.

a microcosm. blinding and riot colored. fleeting and temporary. much like our own.

dust and orange of the spectrum diffused everywhere. this is an autumn like one in new york.

crumple and rust and die. only to look poetic against some blurred out background.

‘i am brave and i always will be’. adopt charriere. strike out these skies.

‘family is the first and the last discovery of mankind’.
how can i imagine running away when they’ve got my back in the way that they have?

young and eager and observant. how can one not feel love? how can one not give it and recieve it?
hug something. go and hug something.

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4 thoughts on “almost haikus

  1. “Talent to beset the eye of man.
    Apertures to catch god’s whispers.
    I want your talent.”

  2. I should probably stop commenting on your pictures, because it might seem a bit creepy, but seriously? I lovelovelove your work.
    There’s something so refreshing and raw about the way you play with light – something that is seldom seen these days especially in photographs.

    Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

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