caméras et l’alphabet

a few photos i’ve taken recently. the first is just my absolute favourite. i love the red and green. and its from one of the very nice houses around our suburb. i’m really, really loving living these days. education is beautiful, photography is beautiful, french is beautiful, green tea with orange is beautiful and i dont even have to be a poet or a sexy british person to let myself know and feel that way. and honey is oh so very beautiful. its like musk and brown sugar and golden fields. little winged things managed to make that and it just seems like the greatest kind of edible art. i know i’m thinking and writing too vaguely and too precisely at the same time, but these are the words i want to share. this is what i want to tell the world. feeling. feeling is what im feeling. and i hope you are too.
enjoy your meals : )

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2 thoughts on “caméras et l’alphabet

  1. what camera do you use? stunning images once again. the 4th one looks like it’s from a film camera, so that’s why i was wondering. absolutely beautiful (:

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