rain waits, hunger and noise

first 4 taken today. the last one, yesterday. i’m pissed off because my camera’s taking photos with so much grain. i tried troubleshooting and even noise reduction in Ps, but its not really working out too well. i’ve had to delete some pictures entirely, despite the fact that they looked good on the nikon’s LCD screen. i’ll have to seriously lower shutter speed or get a new lens or a LightRoom. sorry. stupid photog ranting. i have some serious To Do Listing going on. i just never really get around to To Do-ing the To Do’s. i lost my earphones. you dont even care. i might as well rant about glow in the dark underwear and it will still go unnoticed. im just hungry : ( 

i thought of an editorial ish photo essay idea. boys, girls, grass and a late night, suburban and empty poolside. gahh all im thinking of right now is brownies and sour cherry ice cream. i figured that being a culinary professional would work out. i’d make the food, take photos, eat the food and comment in a nigella like way.

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4 thoughts on “rain waits, hunger and noise

  1. Aamna on said:

    I CARE!
    although i’d definitely care more about glow-in-the-dark unds…
    please send me a pair.

  2. dude. like. honestly. i like. totally. like your stufff.. like im just being honest… like. its reallly cool. even if theres stuff wrong with your camera. i think its reallly good. like honestly.

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