i like your beard

i have two albums worth of ke$ha on my mp3 now and my head is swimming with images of glittered floors and broken vodka bottles and the lyrics of ‘your love is my drug’ [title = excerpt from lyrics revealing that ke$ha is infact, quite awesome]. i’m currently reading ‘the house at pooh corner’ because i saw the cover and flipped the pages and saw the illustrations and yes, i fell very much in love. trouble is, the narrative is actually confusing. this is no children’s book. pooh speaks in implicit tones actually. otherwise, its a nice read. its also second hand, which adds to the charm. the book was a gift to a girl called Baillie, from a family called the Fentons (‘a big girl book, for a very big girl!’).

summer is continuing to be mild and pleasant; hung out with aaron at the bookstore talking about godknowswhat, got my admissions done, recieved a letter via post from aamna and realised that the letter i sent tiff will reach her in months as i forgot to specify that i wanted it sent my air mail -_- also hoping for a lovely monsoon ahead.

here are some photos i’ve taken recently.

my window had a smudge, thus the orange hazy thingy.

is it not very lovable? : )

and here’s me, just being a fangirl XD

formspring me if youre bored and wish to stalk or whatever. my profile is at formspring.me/fuzzytowels. cheerio! twas nice blogging after awhile. listen to ke$ha. eat your breakfast. and stop reading this now.

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