party animal

that i am not. but i wish i were. i can be. but are’nt.
cir-cum-stan-ces. damn you.
shwayze, get u home. i heard it a while back and loved it then. i remembered it today and loved it more.
i dont party now, i photograph and read and blog and write and occasionally, due to my block, i draw. today i discovered the joys of manual focusing. autofocus is great, dont get me wrong, but i hate when i really want to take a photo and its using its computery insight and it wont let me and does that whole – pchk pchk thing as it adjusts the lens.
that was a long tiring sentence and simile wise, autofocus can be tiring too when it doesnt listen.
manual focusing is work too, but regardless of any focusing, it ALWAYS takes the picture. perfect for bokehs.

(all the above, in manual focus)

i also changed my watermark. the font is ‘next’ and is more friendly to the photos, i feel. takes less attention, but clearly remains as a credit. and yes that is a very mr. tod-who-drinks-earl-grey-tea-ish pocket watch. bought it at colaba. i sometimes check the time and make remarks in ‘british’ – ‘this ghastly weather keeps me in a constant state of inelegance. scone, sir?’. apart from the yellow filter, i made a black one, which served more as a vignette effect. i managed to take two pictures, before it fell out the window and died due to my frank exhaustion after spending an hour or so constructing it =/ it was more elaborate, with a thermocol-tape frame.

the following are both black and white. put together (they are seperate photos) they look like ‘nocular eyes!
i would apologise for so much monochrome, but it IS my blog.

these two were also taken today and have not been photoshopped. oh the joys of shooting in RAW 🙂

and heres a photo that ends this post. taking photos of such children, makes me feel odd. as if i’m meant to go over and school them and feed them instead of taking a picture. but my mum suggested i should, so i did. the quote is self penned, highlighting how we ignore situations that we have to strive to improve, that dont directly involve us.

if your reading this, tell me, what sock pair is your favourite?

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9 thoughts on “party animal

  1. Stalker on said:

    That first line i strongly, strongly, strongly, STRONGLY support. Ha. 🙂

  2. darth aamna on said:

    i’m actually unconditionally in love with the woolen dragon mart socks. if they werent only suitable for winter and utterly unfeasible to wear with shoes, i wouldnt be taking them off.

    but right now i also enjoy … yaknow the thin materialed tights-like black socks that go up to your calves. the label on them called them ‘trouser socks’ 🙂

    • i love trouser socks!
      and i dearly want a tail coat.
      i have dragonmart socks with cows on them, gifted to me by charles 😀
      see you at our english-spread-of-food picnic.
      – mr pips.

  3. darth aamna on said:

    and we’ll have to see about getting you a proper tails and top hat to go with that watch. you birthday will not suffice and is in fact very slightly disturbing to yours truly. :/

  4. thestarwarsguy on said:

    guess who…

    these are really good photographs and i also find auto-focus annoying at times.

  5. thestarwarsguy on said:

    u gotta be kiddin me…. after all these years, i’d expect u to guess straight away.

    who the hells aaron??

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