noon lit and written.

today i realised my dear nikon is sitting in the dark abyss of our steel cupboards. so upon observing some splending late-noon light, i snapped a few, which i quite like. i also figured out this new format to shoot in which enables me to do some great post processing later. other than these phots, my blog is telling you i am quite well. open house is a week or so away and i’m excited to go back so i meet my college buds. i also want to know if i passed hindi and regardless, whether or not i can switch to french next year.
my french is really good. accentwise. i’m like a younger juliette binoche.
i am trying to draw these days, but it seems so painful. i dont know what the issue is, but i cant do it. whether the pieces are good or bad, i do not know, for i never work on them at all. blank paper. artists block. ideas mocking me. not cool mayn.
on another note, i watched kung fu panda today, for like the eighth time i think. it never gets old 🙂 my favourite line is – ‘quit, dont quit. noodles. dont noodles.’ when it was over i watched the special features stuff and learnt that animals wearing clothes over their fur is technically very complicated to execute in animation. who knew?
oh i have a twitter. i get to stalk charlie mc donnel AND tom felton and realise that when jim carry tweets – ‘spank you’, he is bestowing his gratefulness.
anyhoo, here’s the rest. i hope your dinner doesnt involve you guzzling sheep entrails. bye.

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