science in my hands


that was what it felt like to hold an actual SLR that finally belonged to ME.

looking through the lens from the front and watching those pretty phantasmagorical reflections of light, made me feel like i was staring at the fovea centralis of all the beauty physics can achieve.

my first pictures were horrible.

the settings, the modes, the adjustments.
even though the camera was for beginners, it was complicated.
and i felt like an absolute n00b for the first half an hour.

then came references to an old kodak guide to understand the concepts of aperture, shutter speed and light sensitivity and the manual of the camera itself to get to know my way around the buttons and settings.

and then came obsession.

i wake up thinking about what next i can click.

i fall asleep savouring all the sights i captured.

i smile as the shutter is released.

and i am happy.

this isnt a career i am dead set on, but it is definitely something i dearly love.
a pretty Nikon, gifted. means alot.

when the rest are resized and watermarked, you may see.  better in fullview.

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3 thoughts on “science in my hands

  1. Consider. on said:

    SOOO pretty 😀

  2. Nabeela on said:

    Oh that was me btw XD

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