serious writing

So today was my last day of college and I didn’t go because I stayed home and made mince with potatoes and peas so I could serve it alongside rice. Yes, I can cook now and modesty aside, I’m terrific. I wish I could insert a little picture here, but now its been about 2 hours since it was cooked  (and partially eaten) so it wont look as visually exciting.

The weather here has taken another beautiful turn. windy and drizzly and somewhat rainy. since I’m mentioning nature I might as well point out the fact that ravens are lovely birds. in the afternoons, they sit in pairs, usually at the jack fruit tree, and croak in low voices. jet-black and glossy feathered. lovely set of sights. Coincidence; they’re croaking right now.

In the evenings I can be found at one of the large bedroom windows, picking up clothes from the line, folding them right there (stacked in all the neatness folded clothes are capable of) and proceeding to hang the next load so I can fold them the next day. All this is done whilst humming along to music of my choice, usually tracks from LP’s Minutes to Midnight, or those by The Damnwells and recently some Owlcity and a collab by Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne.

Nowadays I also go for Hindi tutions at six in the morning, which is not bad since I can understand the lessons now and have had my spirits raised by realizing I will not fail. It’s also got me to Wake Up Early, a rare phenomenon which my body is usually incapable of.

This is me eating ice cream, and from the date on the photo, I can infer that I was about 3. I had ice cream yesterday too, at Natural’s. Great stuff. I had two; Roasted Almond and Coconut and they were most omnomnom-able. The consistency was the best part. The ice crystals were still detectable in the texture and the cream melted fast, yet stayed cold, which I loved.

So the wordcount of this blog will be more or less about 350 words, which is great for the lack of the 300 in my recent posts this year. I have no funny or witty quotes to end this with.

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2 thoughts on “serious writing

  1. very interezting, the weather sounds amazing (:
    this post has given me a craving for ice cream :O
    cute photo 😀

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