I like to walk around pressing shutter release buttons

In the smallest (peanut) shell; I’ve recently spent two new memorable experiences in India. The first being a photography walk around Bandra and the second being my trip to Dahanu, a little seaside town near the Gujarat/Maharashtra border. However, I’m only going to illustrate my photo round as too much uploading messes with my patience. So 1, 2, 3. start.

On the 29th, after i dropped off my little brother for his athletics practice, I walked down to St. Andrew’s Church (it has nothing to do with my college apart from the similarities in its name). I entered those wrought iron gates and observed a scene so beautiful that I couldn’t help but smile out loud. I strolled around, whilst old men and women walked alone; staring softly at space as if their partners had been returned, and snapped a good few. My favourite shots have been the birds on wires. I have this strange fascination with their composition. Almost always, my heart lurches and finds my hands which find my camera and snap. I’ve taken yet another picture of brooding crows on sky slicing lines. Enough words, the sights at the church are here in pictures at the end of the post.

Following the churchyard ( I didnt pray. felt a little clueless as to HOW. I’ve only ever burnt candles at church. Later Mr. Chadha explained that you sit and pray silently -__- Oh well), I walked along St. Francis Road, which has these beautiful houses. I didnt snap this, but my absolute favorite sight along the road was a flowerpot shaped like a dice. One day Im going to buy little square clay pots and make dice for my plants : D

Once I reached the Sherly Rajan area, (where I live : D) I found a photographers dream – an open grove with a rusted bus, a shiny aqua blue green Premier Padmini (one of India’s oldest cars), a sweet little golden furred mutt, left behind diwali lights and two cats sitting before a peelingpaint wall.

Here are the pics, click on them for full views : )

So there it is, my photographed trip around an area of Bandra. By the time I got home I was knackered, so I finished off with a lovely cup of strong tea, which was a perfect pick me up. Oh and later that night I discovered a perfect omlette recipe which will be shared with you all soon. For now, enjoy opening up various windows and waiting for the pics to load : D

btw NRI is still there, for those who want to go through the old posts : )

Get ready for the next post which will detail my experiences in the bittersweet Indian countryside. For now, we’ll stop here.

Love as always,


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2 thoughts on “I like to walk around pressing shutter release buttons

  1. Gillian on said:

    i love u uno.and ur stupid brillaint, breathtaking blogs that makes my eyes fill with tears EVERYTIME i read one of them, and then i have to stop coz i cant see the screen coz its all blurry and shit. and sigh. I LOVE U LOADS. xoxoxoxox..keep the bloggies coming.
    Impatiently waiting. oxox

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